Anxiety is a mental health disorder. It can be feeling of fear, worry of hypertension. These feelings may be strong enough to control your daily activities. is a mental health disorder. It can be feeling of fear, worry of hypertension. These feelings may be strong enough to control your daily activities. To treat this disorder, anti anxiety medications are used.


Symptoms of anxiety vary person to person. But there are some common symptoms which show that a person is not at mental peace. These symptoms include increased heart rate, excessive sweating, feeling of nervousness, panic sensations, trembling, restlessness, tiredness, not able to concentrate on activities, disturbed sleeping pattern, over thinking, over reactions, disturbed appetite.

Every person goes through with their own symptoms. Immediate cure is important. Medical advice is suggested as soon as possible. Anti anxiety medications can be helpful in curing this problem.


Main reason of anxiety is stress. It can happen at a very young age. Children suffer from abuse or trauma eventually lands them in anxiety. Other causes of anxiety are stress from illness, disturbed surrounding or family, stress of studies or career, any mental health disorder, drugs or alcohol. It can be heredity also.


Anxiety is majorly of five types:

GENERALISED ANXIETY DISORDER: This is the most common type of anxiety. It is related with the general stress over multiple things. It can be family, health, wealth or work related. This can be treated with the help of anti anxiety pills like Xanax or valium.

OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER (OCD): As the name suggests, this disorder is related with the obsessions. This type of anxiety starts from a certain age and can be lifelong. It increases gradually. Fear of insects or over cleanliness can be two main sorts of OCDs.

PANIC DISORDER: A traumatic event causes panic attacks leads to panic disorder. This anxiety disorder is can be because of certain incident in life of continuous stress regarding a particular issue.

SOCIAL ANXIETY DISORDER: It is also called as social phobia. This is an anxiety deals with the problem in meeting with people, attending social gatherings or making new friends. It is a fear of being judged or scrutinized.

POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER (PTSD): As the name suggests, this disorder deals with the trauma after occurrence of an event. Memories or flashbacks can be the major issues.


Anxiety can reach you at any stage of life. This problem can be cured only when a person wants it to be cured. Main and the most important treatment of anxiety is psychological therapies which is often called talk sessions with the professional.

These therapies really help a person suffered with anxiety to talk and let go out all the past burdens and start thinking with a fresh and energized mind. Number of the therapies can depend on the condition of the person. These therapies are accompanied by anti anxiety pills which make healing more effective.

Self care also plays a very important role in defeating the battle against anxiety. Self care includes taking proper diet on time, avoiding alcohol, quit smoking, working out, sleeping and waking up on time. Reading books also helps in keeping yourself busy and avoiding the anxiety situations.

Meditation also helps to overcome anxiety. Make sure to sit for at least 10-15 min a day and meditate.


Anti anxiety tablets are prescribed to the people who are suffering from anxiety. If any of the above stated symptoms is found, doctor’s consultation is recommended. These medications help in reducing anxiety. Take any tablet after the doctor’s prescription and keep a check on the after effects of the medication. There are so many medicines available in the market with different brand names.