Rivotril is used to treat movement disorders such as seizure, panic disorder, epilepsy. This symptom can be observed between all age groups. Its effects begin after 1 hour and can last up to 6-12hrs. it is also used to treat repeated fits.


The common or side effects include sleepiness, drowsiness, tiredness, dizziness, muscle weakness, tremor, etc. it also causes lack of concentration, lack of memory, confusion, etc.

Long term use of this drug results in unpleasant dreams, tolerance, dependence,. These can be observed under 4 weeks of regular consumption of this drug. If not stopped, it increases the risk of suicidal thoughts in the depressed person.

It causes hallucinations, confusion, and aggression, lack of motivation, impaired coordination, amnesia, and short term memory loss

Some of the rare side effects include uncontrolled urination, rage, impulsivity & liver damage. It affects emotional, cognitive and perceptual aspects. Consumption of this drug does not allow to drive or operate machinery.

Sweating, fatigue, nausea, stomach ache are some of the common side effects of Rivotril.



Its other name is Clonazepam and was first started selling in 1975 in Roche, Unites States. It is one of the most prescribes medication, also available in generic form. It is also called as recreational drug.


Changes in dose must be made to avoid overdose of the drug.blood test is requird to check the side effects. Don’t use this in case of prednancy as it will harm unborn baby.

Donot take more than the prescribed as it habit-forming.

This medication causes trouble with controlling movements so one needs to aware white doing any physical activity. It develops strange behavior, if such situation occers, do dicuss with your collegues or doctor. If you ar consuming this drug for a while do not stop taking taking it abruptly, first reduce your dosage.